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Kobza Tanya

Riding ranch in Lajosmizse

The Kobza Tanya is situated in the centre of Hungary, 63 km far from the capital of Hungary, Budapest and 20 km far from the centre of the county, Kecskemét. It is a beautiful place for holiday, organizing conferences, balls or  family-events. If you would like to enjoy the nature, the animals and silence, that surrounds the pension, you can take a trip , steeplechase, ride a horse, swim and relax in the hungarian atmosphere. If you would like to go out, the nearly cities offer many programs, concerts, festivals, shopping facilities providing an unforgetable memory.

Our address:

Letter:  Kobza tanya, Lajosmizse, Közös 168.
Tel:  0036-76-555-173
Fax:  0036-76-456-230