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The Kobza Tanya is situated in the centre of Hungary, 63 km far from the capital of Hungary, Budapest and 20 km far from the centre of the county, Kecskemét. The building – complex surrounds a big green grass, where – if the weather is nice- we can deck the tables just as on  the veranda which accompany the whole building .
In the centre of the grass we can set up a stage where our guests can enjoy the programs of the Hungarian artists and performers, whom we call for entertain them.
If there are many children is the group, we can provide skilled professional educators, supervisors (who speak german or english).

 We can offer many ways to colourize the time you spend here.e.g: roasting spit, cooking in kettle in the nature, feast and wine-tasting in the wine cellar, medieval feast, grillparty, gardenparty.
Of course we provide wide choice of riding programs( details see on the pricelist) for beginners and for skilled riders too. You can take part in a horse-show , Pusztaolimpia, try to drive a coach, riding horse in the nature, taking trips for 1 or more days or for a week.
Enjoying the advantages of the swimming pool and the solarium is also available but if  you miss the bustle of the city, it is 20 km far, there you can find cultural programs ,sightseeings festivals, shops, concerts, supermarkets.