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  •     Freetime activities
swimming pool, sunbathing, solarium, table tennis, paintball, horse riding, horse-show, riding trips, picknick, Pusztaolimpia, trips by coach eg.:in the ancient juniper forest, taste of wines in the cellar, roasting on spit, feast of the Middle Ages, grill and gardenparty and other open-air meals, big green ground, programs for children, health and beauty programs ( aerobic, make-up etc.), field and forest for sport facilities, a little own lake
  •   Cultural programs within 20 km:
„Tanya” Ranchmuseum, ancient juniper forest, Kecskemét city (the centre of the county), Medicalmuseum, Music instrument museum, Arts and crafts museum, Enamel art museum, Photomuseum, Ceramic museum, Paintings gallery, Zwack exhibition (original hungarian alcoholic drinks and spirits and TASTING!), The House of Science and Technology, The birthhouse of the famous hungarian drama author, Katona József, Wildlife park, Arboretum, National Park, Open-air markets, festivals and concerts, Disco

  •    In the region within 60 km:
Budapest, the capital of Hungary, Kiskunhalas Lacehouse (handmade lace exhibition), Bugac: the Hungarian Puszta, Ópusztaszer: exhibition about the life of the ancient hungarians, Kalocsa: the home of the Hungarian paprika, Thermal and medicinal baths